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Originally Posted by Vanessa_in_Babyland View Post
Hello Ladies, I have been a nanny for the past year and have decided to start a in-home daycare in the fall. I am still unclear as to if I should be licensed through my state since there are so many options but I do know that I want to maintain my Montessori environment. So far, its been a HUGE success with the kids and the parents love it . I have been hired at every interview from Now Iím ready to make more money, I am thinking full time for at least a few years then back to part time. I have even thought of doing just Monday/Wednesday/ Friday hours for part-time families. So far, I think I might have some luck with that too (I donít want to get burnt out) . All this to say that I want to get trained in Infant-3yrs Primary class in Montessori philosophy one day. I think it would really bump up my rates and itís what I LOVE. I also want to incorporate Reggio as well into my environment. Do any of you have a Montessori daycare? Any photos to share your environment? I hope to have my entire downstairs finished basement as our classroom and keep things organized there. Thanks for your input!
I've always loved Montessori also. Sent my own three to Montessori before I did childcare. I worked for a few years in a Montessori school also but was an assistant (no degree). Love, love, love Montessori!

I had envisioned doing it at home also but it wasn't practical. Over the 20 years I did childcare in my home (retired now), I rarely got calls for children 3 and over. Also, when my babies would reach age 3 (when Montessori education would typically start... at least back then) they would leave for 'preschool'. Parents wanted a 'real school' setting. Very disheartening. So I just did home child care with a Montessori-like environment as much as possible.

I believe there is Montessori for younger children/toddlers (saw it on youtube) but more adults are needed than in traditional care so it doesn't seem like it would be cost effective.

Just some thoughts. I hope it works for you but it wasn't practical to do here. I loved my daycare through the years but if I decided that if I had wanted to stick strictly to Montessori it would have made more sense to get the training and work in or start a Montessori preschool that was not at home. The equipment is extremely expensive as well.

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