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Originally Posted by Myst_Seattle View Post
None of this would be an issue if waiting lists didn't exist.
That’s ludicrous. Waitlists will cease to exist when there are enough options for families to find adequate care. Price gouging does nothing to eradicate that.

I would bet good money that the lack of daycare in your area is due to licensing restrictions and mandated policies they inflict on their local providers. Many states make it near impossible to make a good profit with their ratio restrictions. On top of that, state representatives who have never stepped foot in a daycare impose statute after statute of mandated procedures that make this job dreadfully complicated. As a result, that drives providers out of business by the dozens.

If you truly want to make a change in the daycare supply, write to your representatives. Let them know that the public (you) wants changes. That they should make this professional a priority and appealing to future providers by giving them resources they need and freedom in their business, instead of pushing them out in the name of “universal pre-k”.
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