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Originally Posted by Blackcat31 View Post

I actually googled NYB to see what degree that stood for. Don't worry, I did get it in the end.
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Yep! Exactly. I have never bothered having a wait list. The parents find other care. They aren’t all just waiting around with no daycare.
Wait...I got edited by Michael. What did I say????

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Real-life business owners do whatever they want.


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It isn't about convenience. It's about keeping my own family fed and keeping my finances in check too... Like previously's about job security. Not all areas in the country are the same so not all daycares have waitlists. ****
There will be no U-Haul trucks following my funeral procession. I'd rather make a difference in someone's life than earn an extra $ or two. In the child care business it isn't black and white like it might be in other businesses.

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Here it is a completely different story and I said MOST not ALL providers. We all know great educated providers and we all know dolts.

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I think I'm totally missing this argument. The only reason I had a wait list was because I had more people interested in spots than I had spots available. I don't see how pricing people out of my wait list would have helped me at all. Then when someone leaves, I have no one to choose from. Everyone already complains about paying for daycare and expects you to watch their kids for next to nothing. I would have no clients if I had charged higher than what I already charged...

I think that things in daycare are just more fluid than you are really understanding, Myst. When news outlets report numbers, sometimes they're being a bit dramatic. Sometimes things depend on perspective.

I don't get constant calls for care. Sometimes people aren't looking for care in my town, because it's high COL and a lot of people are past the baby stage. People have family help them out. There's more demand in the towns next to mine.

And I would honestly say that prices have indeed gone up in counties around here in the past few years, since the economy got better. COL has gone way up in general here. Prices in daycare do change, but it's not instant, the way that gas prices change.
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