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Default Downsizing Letter - Help!

I am a registered user, but logged out for privacy in case any of my daycare families are on here.

I need some input from fellow Providers.

I am a Large Family Daycare, caring for 12 children ages 2-5 (one infant - sibling). I have 2 assistants, one with a scheduled of 7:00-4:00 and the other is 8:00-5:00. However, I am still very much involved and I fully cover from 4:00pm-close. I close at 5:00, with one family that pays for extended care until 5:30. My issue is that my children (ages 7, 11, 13) need me most after school. I can't enroll them in any actives, I can barely help with homework, and they just go up to their rooms after school and don't come down until closing. They like interacting with the daycare kids most of the time, but after school, they just want to relax and "be home". And their home is not their home, it's mom's business.

So with much thought, I have decided that I will be downsizing. I have 6 kids that are full time (Mon-Fri, open to close). The remaining 6 are part time (2-3 days a week, open to close). I decided I will be keeping my 6 full time kids with their current schedule, but informing the part time families that my part time hours will be changing to half-days (7am-1pm). So basically preschool hours for families that don't need full time care. I could hire an additional staff member for afternoons, but the chaos of 12 children vs. 6 children in the afternoons is still loud and overwhelming when my children are trying to focus on homework and such.

My dilemma, how do I word such a letter and how much time do I give families for the adjustment? I know I may lose some families, but I have to make this change for my family. With this change, this will allow me to have 1 staff member in the afternoons to care for the remaining 6 kids and I can enroll my children in after school activities or separate myself as needed to care for my own children.

TIA for any input.
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