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Originally Posted by Ac114 View Post
Help me feel better about this decision PLEASE!

I had to term a family immediately today. A little back story. They’ve only been in care for 4 weeks and I knew from the interview they were going to be a little more high maintenance but I had no idea it was going to leave me in a panic stricken state the second they pulled in the driveway for the last several weeks. Moms very passive aggressive through text messages and constantly criticizes things. It’s like I could never make this woman happy and if I sent a picture of her daughter who had her paci in her mouth because she had just been crying for 15 minutes she would respond “why does she have her paci?”

Here’s some examples
I send picture updates and mom would respond with things like I am counting 8 children. How many children do you have today. (I have 6 but some kids are turned around and I’m 2 different photos or they are far off in the background) This has happened 3 times.

She’s upset that daughter has to sleep in same room with another infant.

She doesn’t want daughter to have paci although she comes with it in the morning and it gets popped in her mouth st pickup. Daughter cries for it all day long

She stands and watches me make breakfast every single morning, up to 15 minutes sometimes before she puts daughter st the table to leave.

Always snarky about what was given for lunch. Like example on Friday. She had bagel and banana for breakfast. Then we had eggs, pancakes and blueberries for lunch. Her response was “she ate that? Didn’t she just have a bagel for breakfast?”

It became to the point where I was having panic attacks in the morning because I didn’t want to deal with it. I feel awful that I didn’t give them proper notice and left them high n dry but I was in tears knowing that I have to start all over again next week. It was starting to effect my health. I’ve NEVER had a parent like this. Kind of just venting and wanting to know that I made the right decision, even if I waited until the last minute.
Panic attack phase means you made right call...

I would Never let a parent hang around 15min while I did breakfast, and 2nd good riddance. This parent sounds a little off. I would have shown her what Food Program requires lol. I know for a fact I feed kids way better than what the schools do even if it's only infants care and she has no say on how you do nap... your home, your rules. End of story
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