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Default First Year Daycare Taxes...Yuck!

I am wondering what forms I need to provide to my tax preparer for my home daycare business. I use Quickbooks self employed to track my expenses and do all my bookkeeping, so I printed off a year end tax summary, as well as a mileage summary to give to my tax preparer. I was wondering though if I am responsible for filling out Form 1040: Individual Income Tax Return, Schedule SE:Social Securuty Self Employment Tax, and other forms, or if that is part of what the tax preparer will do. I am so used to just handing them my W-2's, as well as my other paperwork and having all the work done for me. Is this what I will do this year as well?

Also, I only did daycare for part of the year this year, so I did not make enough of a profit to have to pay in quarterly. This year (2016) I will have to. What forms do I need to fill out for that? Through Quickbooks I can pay right through the program, does anyone know if they help you fill out the forms you need?
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