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I do it for many reason

1. Taxes, it is proof that their child was present in my car.I tell parents that they are throwing their own money away when they don't sign it.

2. Can be used as a court document. I have actually had mine called into court for a couple that was going through a divorce. The dad was not dropping of when he was supposed to or was picking up late causing late fees, then expecting the mom to pay them. It also showed that the dad was not picking up on the days that he was supposed to have the kid and the dad was busted. Since the mom was the one signing the kid out on dads day.

3.In the event of an emergency. It will show who was or was not in my care that day. This way if something happens to a child I can show if the child was in my care or not... Remeber that case where the mom said the girl was at the daycare, but the girl was not....I think it was the casey anthony case??

4. Food program
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