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Originally Posted by Catherder View Post
I write the times in myself BEFORE I hand them the clipboard to sign.
That is a great idea if it works.

I tried that before because I had a DCD that arrived very late always interrupting breakfast and would sign DCB in like he was on time. Then late for pick up and signed DCB out 15-30 minutes earlier than what the actual time was! (Like I'm not going to check it) 1st he said "oh my bad" but it continued. When I confronted him again he showed me his watch. He actually changed the time to do this stunt! I then showed him MY clock and changed it and started writing the time in as he arrived before I even opened the door. He must have complained because the office called and said I am not permitted to enter the times unless I am picking children up from school. They are gone now though. They got tired of all the late fees.
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