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Default I am beginning to hate the holidays...

O.K. I can see that there is a pretty defined line as to how the parents and providers feel regarding vacation pay, but for crying out loud, holiday pay is an issue? What the heck! Why should a daycare provider not charge for the holidays? I wish that I did because while the parents in my care are taking those days off and getting paid for them, I am closed and not getting paid for them because I wanted to be nice. If I could turn back time, holidays would be included as paid days. I would still not charge for vacations but the holiday, that would be different. And also, why can't parents just do as instructed in the contract and have a back-up provider available in case of illness or vacation, etc.? One of my daycare parents had the sheer nerve to complain because I'm closed on Christmas eve and it doesn't work for her schedule. Some parents expect way too much and are not willing to pay the price for what they are asking for. Sorry to vent and sorry if it's not making sense but I am beyond angry right now.
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