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It seems I have both ends of the spectrum of state aid parents.

I have one set who are the (sometimes overly) demanding type. One child seems borderline special needs which can be demanding of itself. Many times I feel like even if I could give these parents the sun and the moon that wouldn't be enough. I've quickly learned to just let it roll off my back, though of course I do call the hubby to vent every so often.

I have another family, well single mom, who is still in HS and working at a fast food joint. Should qualify for state aid, yet she's on a waiting list. Quite a ways down on the list too. I feel bad for her because she is paying her way, living with her mom, trying to finish H.S. and yet is working to cover her expenses of her not so good decisions made in life. She is very sweet and she apologizes when she hears that her infant (6 weeks old) had a fussy day or whatever. I laugh because it's not her fault, I just thought she should know how baby was so she'd know what to expect for the night. She's the type who is trying to do something positive with her life and could just use a little help getting up that next step.
Give a little love to a child, and you get a great deal back.
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