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Default Infant Class Ages 4 Months to 2 Years

So I have an infant class with various ages. The oldest is 2. My classroom is so different from the other toddler rooms that I find it impossible to really teach anything to these kids. I'm afraid the 2 year old doesn't know anything or is learning. I've been trying to incorporate circle time for older ones to teach colors shapes etc. I'm just worried that I am not teaching them anything.i feel like the 2 year old makes things a game and doesn't try to really learn. Like pointing at shapes and making me repeat the colors. She also says every color is black or red. It's hard making lesson plans too. I kn ow I'm probably over reacting to it but it's frustrating me with having more toddlers than babies and needing to work on a schedule different from theirs. Toys which are hard to come by are age less than what they probably need.
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