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Default 2 Year Old Outside Alone

Hello, just a quick question regarding 2 week notice. My wife showed up at our daycare providers house today and saw our 2 year old outside all alone. She was able to turn the corner and see him walking up the steps to her front door and park her car and get in the house before seeing the daycare lady coming down the steps. That all took about two minutes. Our daycare lady said she was on the phone and told Eddie not to go outside three times. He did anyway. She obviously continued her conversation. We believe she just made that story up and was not aware that Eddie was outside.

I could go on with a bunch of reason we should have taken Eddie out earlier but she only charged $115 and my wife and some friends knew her and we had no reason not to trust her.

My question is.... Would it be legal for us to not pay her two weeks notice and also cancel the check that we already gave her for next week? I am most likely going to just cancel the check because it's my opinion that she broke the contract the second my son was outside alone.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and any answers.
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