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Default Introducing a Substitute

Hi, I run a preschool from my home and have always worked alone, but now that I'm also doing after-preschool care for working families, I would like to have a substitute to cover me in case of appts or for sick days or for school events for my own children. I have someone in mind who I've known for years, who has a similar education and qualifications that I have and who many of the families know (small town). I'm worried that some families may be hesitant to accept this, so I want to make sure that I introduce this correctly and properly prepare my sub for when she's here.

So, do you have a sub binder with info about the routines/kids/pick up times/emergency procedures/etc What are your topics that you have in yours?

How did you introduce this person to your families as the sub? What questions or concerns did they have (if any)?

Bottom line, it's my business and I know that this is what I need for my business and my sanity but I also want to bring my families along on being as excited about this as I am... Suggestions?
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