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Default Summer Program, Promo?

Hey guys! So I have had 2 people contact me this week alone asking if I take 4 and a 5 year old for a summer program. Got my brain going a little bit, does anyone offer summer programs? Up until now, I've only ever accepted 2 and unders and all permanent spots. This would be a..what..2 month thing? June to August. I've been advertising for another open spot..I can only have 6 children here in FL (1 is my own, so 5 other children) and as of right now I have 2 other children. SO, if I only keep these kids and open my house up for a summer program at the end of next month, I could take in 2 or 3 summer children.
Thoughts? Anyone else do this? Do I make it an all day thing or offer half days? I normally charge $150 per week for all my kids regardless of age, should I stick with this pricing?

I'm thinking it could be really fun change to the younger babies! Especially if there were atleast 2 of them. 1 would be bored out of his/her mind.
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