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I know your pain!! I am sooo sorry!! And your alone with your kids!! Last yr I got them. I woke up out of a dead sleep thinking at first I had a bladder infection and then the pain moved to my kidney's. I had never had one before and I was thinking if I just took some over the counter med's it would help. But nothing helps but morphine. And even that is awful bc it makes you dizzy and your sick to your stomach. That's where I ended up and found that I had dozen of kidney stones in both kidneys and ended up having to have an emergency surgery to take care of one side of my kidney's bc they where to big to pass on my own. The following surgery for the other side was scheduled for the following month and I was in a panic that they'd come sooner then the surgery. I've had it one other time since the last surgery and I can tell you I don't touch any kind of drink that can help the process of dehydration like coffee or colored soda's. I never want to go through that again. I ashually had to work the last time I went to the hospital and had to call all my parents to come and pick up there kids bc I needed to go to the hospital asap. I couldn't stop throwing up in the was awful!! I hope your able to pass it. The only thing that helped was walking around the house drinking water so i could pee and pee and pee but here's a point when the pain is sooo bad that your just throwing up the water you consumed. I hope your getting help at the hospital!!
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