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I feel you! I just bought so much starting up when covid hit and nobody wants care. I thought people were gonna flock to the much needed service?
I promote like crazy and no inquiries other than 1-2 toddlers, who I don't serve

Now I am crazy and am doing what I can handle-4.5 and up for full day-which is great for people trying to find space for an older kid since that is hard in centers when kids transition to older classes, and great for kinders with the remote learning, they get s blended experience with school-agers and curriculum.
I don't want kids all day who need naps, extra hands on deck when I am cooking and cleaning and such, and I am not wanting the headache of diapers and toilet training.

I am going to do 2 hours of preschool for anyone who wants just partial care because they are at home. I have a 3.5 year old which is why-I probably won't promote this after he is 5.

And it is different I think than most providers.
I totally want a separate space for infant and toddlers with staff but financially that won't happen.
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