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Originally Posted by glenechogirl View Post
I believe, and many Montessorians believe, that it is impossible to exactly duplicate the Montessori Children's House environment in a home because

1. Much of the philosophy has to do with social learning, bigs teach littles how to do things, littles see bigs putting toys away, demonstrating works, etc. I only have 6 children in my daycare, so not enough to truly have the large children's community feeling. 12 would be bettr, but still not the same as a Mont. class that typically has 20-30.

2. Mont. classrooms operate with a 3 "teacher" system. One is solely on demonstrating works to children, she moves around the room showing kids proper procedure for works. Another teacher is solely a manager, helping kids put toys away, cleaning up, prepping lunch, etc. The 3rd is the mediator, I think, hard to remember now. I think the 3rd helps facilitate apologies, distracted behavior, anticipate and redirect. In the home setting, I work alone, I have to do it all by myself and so my attention is very divided, if you have an assistant it would be much better.

3. For me, maybe not you, but I currently have ages 6months-5 years. The toddling/crawling babies make it almost impossible for me to put out challenging trays for the toddlers. I don't have the space or eyes to watch seperate groups, nor would I want to because I love how the bigs are compassionate and play with the babies.
Oh ok, gotta ya! Yes, that makes a lot of sense.

I do have 12 and I also have the space too so my 0-3's and my 3-6's have separate areas so I can put out trays and materials that the littles don't have access too.

My under 1's are completely separate so they have space all their own, which I love, but feel defeats the purpose as I want them to learn from the older ones but because of safety, it just isn't always possible.

Another thing I am missing is the 3 teacher concept as I only have myself too and a morning/lunch helper. I would really LOVE to go all out though and have the "ideal" set up. But for now, it is only a future dream.
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