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Originally Posted by countrymom View Post
I would love to go in one day and see what they do all day. I have some things that are mont. and I found that the locks (lock and key and you need to try to open them easy dollar store find) is a really really big hit. The problem being is that most of my kids are under the age of 2, so I'm not sure what to do with them. To take the course is 5000 dollars, and clearly I don't have it.
Just read an old thread lol - I'm bad

I run under 2's only also... I am set up similar to the Montessori NIDO (known as a nest)... Most people know Montessori Preschools; My home is for infants, no swings, no highchairs (I do have seats at the table for 4 babes), many of my toys are handmade and wood, I also have board books that start the kids learning abut Art ( Little Masters), we do music etc, just all geared to babies, No TV, just soft music thruout the day. And yes, I even have floor beds for the older ones (crawling age & up).
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