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Originally Posted by Josiegirl View Post
My state licensor showed up today at 1:00. She's new to this job but used to work for our local Resource and Referral Office so I've visited with her several times in other ways. She helped me a few years ago, supporting my start in the Stars program and she used to give lots of trainings. She's a wonderful and compassionate person, willing to help, encourages and supports providers as opposed to tearing them down. The visit went well. I just need to update my IPDP.
Phew, glad that's over with!!
My licenser came today, too, for a quarterly unannounced visit. (I get quarterly visits per year since I have the max stars get 6 visits per year. She scheduled my annual re-evalution for my license renewal paperwork/stars documentation for February(my license ends annually in April). I like her lots as well, but the mere reminder that the QRIS assessment is near comes so soon it seems each year. I so long for the day to "just" do daycare.....
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