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Originally Posted by nannyde View Post
The ones who want cheap day care.

We all look down on these low cost providers but the truth is is that they ARE the day care providers of today. They are the most valuable child care providers in the US right now. Anyone who is willing to watch kids and not even break even much less make a living wage is going to be the most highly sought after provider for the masses.
They also aren't childcare providers, they are babysitters. And if someone questions my rate I tell them that. They will say something like,... Well your rate seems high, I saw in the paper an ad for $?.$$ per week. I simply say, yes I'm sure you saw an ad from a babysitter for that much. I was uder the impression you were looking for a childcare provider. There are many types of care in our area. I am an early childcare educator. Here children are given opportunities for learning and exploring their world in a child centered environment by someone who has taken steps to learn as much as they can about how children grow and develop. I strive to provide a variety of things to enrich thelives of the children enrolled in my program including healthy meals, fun experiments in arts and music we explore science and language while taking time to get to know each child. If you are looking for a living room with a tv and a diet of processed foods, this is not the place for your child.

They usually agree at that point or move on to the cheaper care. I don't give it a second thought.
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