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Originally Posted by laundrymom View Post
This caught me off guard. I do not see you nanny as a babysitter.
I'm a babysitter and I'm proud of it. I don't have your skills or education on education. I've never had an interest in that. I like the simplicity of babysitting.

My business is built on:

a low child to adult ratio (one adult for every four children max)
lots of room (150 square foot of indoor space for every child)
the best home made food money can buy (fully organic home made meals)
awesome toys
RN with 31 years of experience in child care
SLEEP .... good quality deep sleep every day
exercise (1.2 mile hike every possible day weather permitting)

You offer:
early childcare educator
opportunities for learning and exploring their world in a child centered environment by someone who has taken steps to learn as much as they can about how children grow and develop
variety of things to enrich thelives of the children enrolled in my program including healthy meals
fun experiments in arts and music
exploration of science and language

BIG difference.

You are a professional child care provider and educator. I am a babysitter.

There are a lot of different approaches to the care of kids that turn out great kids. My kids turn out great and I'll bet yours do too.
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