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Originally Posted by laundrymom View Post
I guess We have different definitions. I see a babysitter as someone who sits with kids. Offering nothing but supervision When you provide a service on an on an ongoing basis with contracts, regulations, policies and rules,.... You become a professional provider. Not a sitter who is just doing it until something else comes along.

I think the difference is the amount of education you offer in your program.. specifically what activities that are adult generated and adult participated. From your posts it sounds like you do a LOT of education with their daily care. You have been succesful finding clients to pay for that. There are a lot of providers out there who can't find the client base to pay for anything but very basic babysitting.

It all comes down to what they are paying for. There are a LOT of ways to successfully raise kids and one of them is just watching them while the parents are at work and having them free play, eat lower quality foods, watch tv, stay inside... and care that is the EASIEST possible for the adult. There are a lot of parents who just want to pay for THAT. They may like to have the kind of enviornment you have or I have but they would only take it if it were free above the cost of simple babysitting.

Many generations before us have had kids from birth to five be cared for by simple babysitters and the kids did fine. The most important things are supervision, cleanliness, a loving adult, food, and safety. There's a huge demand for simple cost effective care where the adult doesn't make much and the enviornment the kid is in is just basic utilities, processed cheap foods, cleanliness etc. It may not be the BEST but for a LOT of families that will do.

I guess my point is that there is a big market for babysitters and especially in this really tough economic climate many Americans just have to do with that. The parents can make up for a LOT for free by spending a lot of time with their kids, taking their kids education into their OWN hands, taking the time to buy and make home made foods for their meals, get them outdoors every possible day etc. The child care provider is just a part of the child's day.

I don't knock babysitters who offer plain simple basic supervision and care. The parents who use their services can take over the "extra" more expensive parts of the child's care and make sure they have what they need to be successful students and good kids.
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