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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I just dropped my rates $10 per week trying to fill spots, if I don't get a hit in a couple weeks I'll have to drop them more. I can't afford to do it, but some money is better than no money at all, it really, really sucks.
Originally Posted by Joyce View Post
I can't even get the phone calls in the first place!! And you're right ... it SUCKS!!!
I'm right there with you both! I got an email inquiry today - first one in months!! It's for 2 kids, and mom says, I know you charge $110/week for one, but I can't afford more than $300 every 2 weeks. The sad thing is that I'm actually considering it. I would be "losing" $48/week, but then again, I can't lose what I don't have to begin with, right?
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