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i'm trying with the pics, but like i said, i'm not really into the 21 century yet with equipement or

basically, my DC room is 13x20. everything in there is set up all the time. (dramatic play, blocks, the infant/toddler area, writing desk, the "blue table" toys, and the cozy area. i also have a small shelf set up w/ music instruments kind of in the dramatic play area. (i had no where else to put it).

the art shelves, easel, table, and sand table are in my dining room, (no carpet) which is almost fully open from the DC room, kitchen, and living room. (so i can always see whats going on, no matter where i am)

on friday nights everything in the dining room that is even REMOTELY related to DC is pushed back into the DC room. that way, i can have this side of my house back, at least for the weekend.

the art shelves are cheap walmart bookcases, that my hubby put wheels on the bottom, so i can easily wheel them around.

all of the school agers toys are in two rolling rubbermaid carts that get pushed into my living room during the day, and hidden in my sons room at night. (one draw is tiny toy type things, one is tiny legos, polly pockets, that sort of thing) they play with that stuff there, so the littles dont get into it, but they are also more then welcome to play in all the other areas.

the DC room, which was originally like a den, had these cool built in bookcases with doors. great for storing everything. ALOT gets rotated. i also have a good size closet (in another room, but it works) full of stuff. everything is on shelves in there or rubbermaid tubs that are labeled.

ok, now to figure out the
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