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Default Is Sickness Running Wild in Your Home Too?

It has been two weeks of hell here. We went to a bday party and by a day later, my daughter and I were throwing up and feeling miserable. The next day, my son started throwing up and my dad. We got through that but two days later, my daughter had a fever and that lasted two days. Then my husband had a fever and body aches and now I am on day two of fevers in the 103s. My son woke this morning all stuffed up and with a headache. I am so sick of being sick and with the holidays, it makes me sad that we won't be able to enjoy it And I don't say this lightly, but we NEVER get sick around here (knock on wood)! This is throwing me for a loop and of course it is a busy time of year, so taking time off as been challenging. Anyone else have stomach bugs and fevers running wild in your house too? I have heard from many friends and family and most are recovering from them too.
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