Thread: Raising Rates?
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Abigail 02:48 PM 10-07-2012
Start new families at your higher rate and eventually raise your original families some. My situation is that I started rates at a decent range to be competitive. I've only been open since January so I don't feel like it's time to raise rates by any means on my current families. Come next summer I think I will raise rates for new families by $5/week for toddlers for sure as I see more and more charging that extra $5. Then again I could always have more paid vacation days. I get five days a year paid so next year I may change it to 7 days. Not sure. I feel like I am paid well right now and do my best. I wish you luck on your decision. In the end, make sure you have a reason for your rates if anyone asks and finds out so-and-so are paying less.