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HomeMADE 03:12 PM 02-14-2013
I am also new and thought I would have an issue with getting kids, so I took drastic measures when I opened. I am kind of regretting it now.

-I am open from 5am to 6pm since the local daycare centers do not open until 6am.

-I took 2 part timers on the same day and the DCM's schudel changes every 4 weeks. So I can't really fill the days they don't come unless I term them.

-I also have one drop off that child. That will fill a spot if I have a spot for him when she calls.

So I have one full time baby from 5am to 2:30. 2 PT 2 days a week. And one drop off.

I wish I would have waited it out and just filled 4 full time spots.

Good luck.