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Blackcat31 03:22 PM 02-14-2013
Originally Posted by HomeMADE:
I am also new and thought I would have an issue with getting kids, so I took drastic measures when I opened. I am kind of regretting it now.

-I am open from 5am to 6pm since the local daycare centers do not open until 6am.

-I took 2 part timers on the same day and the DCM's schudel changes every 4 weeks. So I can't really fill the days they don't come unless I term them.

-I also have one drop off that child. That will fill a spot if I have a spot for him when she calls.

So I have one full time baby from 5am to 2:30. 2 PT 2 days a week. And one drop off.

I wish I would have waited it out and just filled 4 full time spots.

Good luck.
The biggest peice of advice I can give you in that area is any time a parent needs ACCESS to an entire week (even if they don't use it) you charge them the full time rate.

That is the ONLY way for them to be guaranteed the space and for you not to have taken the loss of income by not being able to fill the space around her varying schedule. kwim?

If she has a schedule that rotates or varies from week to week, that is HER burden to bear.