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Unregistered 09:17 AM 04-20-2013
I am considering filing a complaint on a home daycare that I pulled my child from. I do not want her to lose her license or anything like that, but I do want future parents to see the complaint and think twice before they place their kids in her care, and most of all, I want her to realize that she cannot treat kids like that and say things like that to them.

She made a sarcastic/unnecessary comment to my child out of anger. I also have a couple other smaller complaints, but this was the main issue. It was meant to hurt me, but in turn it hurt my child psychologically. It makes me wonder what else she has said to him in the heat of the moment.

When I picked my son up, he said, "I'm always mean here" to me. Of course, I told him that he's not mean because God gave him a nice heart and you can't change that. Sometimes he doesn't do the right thing, but he's not mean. I asked the daycare worker how he did that day. To make a long story short, she said that he was in time out and kept saying that he's always mean there. She told me (and I quote), "He kept saying that in time out. I told him to tell his mom that when she gets here so that maybe she'll believe me."

In my opinion, this is malicious, emotional abuse. She decided at some abstract point in time that she didn't like me (I had already given my notice and the next day was to be his last day in her care) so she was trying to egg me on. She had already sent me a passive aggressive text two days before and I did not respond. It worked, he will not be returning.

What would happen if I decided to file a complaint? Would anything come of it or would they just slap her wrist (which is all I want)?