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Kabob 06:40 AM 03-19-2014
Have any of you encountered a child that easily can get a dislocated arm?

I have heard of children getting an arm dislocated when picked up by the arms but in this case I have a 22 month old girl here that got her elbow dislocated over the weekend so dcm advised me to be careful of course.

I am terrified to even hold her hand now (I was before because she is so unsteady and fragile looking) because she is incredibly unsteady on her feet and so trips a lot and also she likes to goof off while walking (ie drag her toes or walk with an exaggerated wobble). Apparently she dislocated her elbow while dcm was holding her hand and dcg decided to lift up her legs because she wanted to be picked up and pop! Out went her elbow.

So now I can't hold her hand and must be super careful if I need to change her shirt and such. I used to hold her hand upon request when walking with her or just as a precaution on the stairs but now I'm thinking I have to carry her down the stairs and such...which I did mostly anyway since she hasn't been that coordinated anyway...