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Kabob 10:43 AM 03-19-2014
Originally Posted by TwinKristi:
My DS4 had this as well. He actually dislocated his own elbow trying to get a watch off his wrist (one of his brothers thought it would be cute) yanking on it. It happened a couple times after, but putting him in the car seat popped it back into place once and they popped it back in while in the triage office at the ER. I had a friend who's dr showed them how to pop it back in place at home to avoid all the ER trips. It's very common and once diagnosed you know it's not from abuse or anything. Like I said, my own 2yr old dislocated his own elbow yanking on a watch! It doesn't take much to pop it out once it happens.
Ick! You're not helping to make me feel better. I keep watching her and worrying her antics will dislocate something. It's an easy fix but not one I want to try on someone else's child. At least the mom is aware that it will probably happen again. Just the thought of it is just creepy to me...again just a weird phobia of mine. If it happened here I would be able to appear calm but I'd be freaked out on the inside.