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Heidi 02:19 PM 04-15-2014 for those of you who do this, how do you group them? Is supervision an issue?

I generally only have 4-6 kids, but the 2 1/2 year old in my group is having some super-2 behavior (again). Hitting, grabbing, "mine", etc. He is the oldest in the group, and I already see my 16 month dcg picking up some of this.

I've tried giving him his own area, because I understand that having 3 babies grab your stuff is frustrating. But, he doesn't stay put, or if I turn my back, sometimes gets into trouble, and he finds it. Although he is of normal development intellectually, his social development seems to be a bit delayed. NO self control yet at all...not even a little, it seems!

So...back to my question. How do you supervise 2 or 3 groups in different areas? There must be some trust involved, right? Sight OR sound? Mine seem to need sight AND sound at all times!

Added: I've reintroduced gating off areas, and at least they're aren't screaming hysterically when they see the gates anymore. whew!