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Blackcat31 08:41 AM 04-23-2019
Originally Posted by Valerie928:
Hello ladies. I have a very challenging and smart 16 month old who is wonderful for me all day. As soon as mom walks in to pick up she acts like satan. Honestly, even at her young age I feel she already knows she is giving mom a hard time. Mom does nothing to change anything. Is this child too young for bye bye outside?
Nope. It sounds like it has more to do with the parent than the child in this situation.

I would tell mom that in order to avoid the melt down that she needs to text or call when she is on her way for drop off or pick up. You can simply meet her at the door, grab child and go inside. Should take all of about 20 seconds.

Advise mom to say her goodbye's in the car before walking to the door and handing child off to you. If she needs to talk with you about anything, she can communicate via text, call or FB or whatever method you use to communicate with your clients.