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Cat Herder 11:26 AM 06-21-2021
Got it.

Sounds like you have two choices, quit or cope. No, I am not being a donkey, I am being literal.

You can quit and file a complaint with the state. It sends the message quickly, but can hurts your ability to get another job in daycare. I cannot tell you how many investigators have told daycare center owners who filed the report. The bigger the center, the more it is protected. The bigger they are, the more federal $$ it brings in for the state so it benefits them to keep them open.

You can cope by 1) follow directions and wait for the state to witness it. 2) follow directions and wait for a parent to complain. 3) follow directions while you interview for another job. 4) follow directions while you set up your own daycare.

Until you make it off the entry level line, you can't bring about a lot of change. Hang in there, it does get better in time. You just have to learn how to play the game.