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Originally Posted by Country Kids View Post
I have read and heard that with the QRIS, Preschool Promise and Free Preschools that this is just another push to get home daycare gone.

There is a new website going in so providers that have complaints, you will now be able to see what the licensor wrote in response to the complaint. It will be in full detail I guess.

QRIS is separate from our state here so I don't see the state having access to the cameras. I can see them though if a complaint is filed wanting to then see the footage.

There needs to be crackdown on illegal childcare's also! I know at one time I heard our state was going to have it if a childcare is caught be illegal it would be a felony. Not sure if that is still in the works or what though.
Here it is in our regulations, if we have online parent access to cameras, we have to give the info to licensing.


"Little Johnny cried for 2 minutes until someone wiped his nose for him, despite him being perfectly capable of doing it himself and both provider and assistant busy with the more pressing needs of other children.'
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