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Originally Posted by mac60 View Post
I would guess that the providers that charge this way....only charge for hours used.....are providers that do not really need a "job" and this simply gives them something to do. Now me, I need a job and I run my daycare business as such. I run a very good program complete with preschool curriculum and all. And yes, doing it this way does cost me money. And yes, I charge whether the child is here or not, vacation, holidays, and sick days included. Now if I could have 20 kids on my roster and hope the 6 show up each day to meet my income needs, that is one thing. But we can't do that here as we have a limit for in our care. So yes, each spot is worth $$ and if you choose to not attend after you reserved your spot with me, you still have to pay. Even 15 years ago when my own kids were in daycare that is how it was.
You're obviously dealing with parents who have normal, 9-5 jobs.

My wife could never do this, as she has some parents who work ever changing schedules, wait staff, cas-ino staff, prison guards, single mom's who work multiple jobs, etc.

However, when the parent gets their schedule, they come to her with it, and notify her of that schedule, at which point they are locked into paying for those hours they committed to.

With some parents, she is flexible-say the parent has their hours changed, so instead of being 10am to 6pm, it becomes 2pm to 10pm, they are not charged from 10am to 10pm, but just the hours they were there.

It's kinda hard to stick it to the poor girl who is a single mom, working two jobs to make ends meet, when every day you see her say a short prayer when she hops in her car that it will start.

Our area is far from being affluent, and many of the jobs are "you are going to work these hours, or you're not going to work here" kinda places. That really sucks, but it's the truth.

Trust me, if my wife needed "something to do" I think she'd find I can come up with plenty of projects to occupy her time.
Spouse of a daycare provider....which I guess makes me one too!
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