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Originally Posted by EntropyControlSpecialist View Post
I'm one of "those Moms" who sees nothing wrong with a child just sampling whole foods before 12 months and not actually eating large quantities of it.

However, I do find it really strange to forget the food you want your child to be eating. That actually baffles me. Maybe a Doctor's note would be a good thing, especially if you are participating in the food program.
I am right there with you, about the faux necessity of food before 12 months. However, I think at

I actually have it outlined in my contract that we TYPICALLY start stage 1 foods at 6/7 mo, stage 2 at 7/8, and diced mushy table foods at 9/10. Not saying that's how I would do it with my own kids, but most DC parents start solids at 6 months - so that's how I structured my program. It also says that if you wish to send homemade baby food you are more than welcome to, but if it isn't supplied for the day then I will use my own.

I also have all those on a handout I give to parents at 6 mo.

I would worry that the child isn't getting much needed practice eating. I don't think the nutrition in food before 1 is important, but the practice and assimilation to textures is ,IMO, very important. I have noticed a lot more texture issues in kids who haven't been exposed to varied textures by 9/10 months.
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