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I have my "business hours" which are 6am-6pm which are the hours that I'm available but make sure that the families know that each family can only have their child here no more than 10 hours a day and that we have an agreement as to their individual "scheduled hours" a.k.a. the hours they are allowed to bring their kids.

For example, I may be open from 6am-6pm but family A's scheduled hours are from 7am-5pm Monday through Friday. Family B's scheduled hours are from 8am-6pm Monday through Friday. Family C's scheduled hours (part-time) are from 9am-4pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays. Full-time families pay the full-time rate, part-time families pay the part-time rate. They can drop-off later if they are running late etc. but they still have to pick up at their scheduled pick-up time. My families get a 15 minutes free grace period if they are late in picking up and if they pick up after that grace period I charge $5 for every 15 minutes (or part of) that they are late UNLESS they pick up at 6pm. 6pm is my closing time and I am CLOSED at that time, there is no grace period after 6pm and I immediate start adding fee's.

A lot of providers find it difficult to do it this way but it works for me because I give them the hours that I am willing to work and they tell me the hours that they need within that time frame. There is no asking me to open earlier or close later etc. They have to follow their scheduled time. I may even decide to watch a child on a weekend or before hours or even after hours but that's at my discretion and a much higher rate. For example when you break it down for full-timers (the cheaper rate) it comes out to be about $3.10 an hour. If I agree to watch a child after 6pm or before 6am or if they go over their 10 hours a day then I charge $5 an hour. Same with weekend care except that I have a $20 minimum whether or not they stay for 4 hours or not and I have the opportunity to do errands etc. and take the child with me. Just a thought.
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