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Default Am I Overreacting as a Parent?

Hi ladies, I found this forum when I put my kids in preschool/daycare to learn more about dc issues from a provider's perspective. I have found it immensely helpful and have learned a lot from reading your threads. So I was wondering if I could get your opinions about something that happened today with our DC director? Director was on vacation for 3 weeks and was back today. I said hi and asked how her vacation was. She said awesome and then said "wanted to let you know we are moving DD up to next classroom (3-5 yr olds) as soon as we backfill her slot in younger classroom (1.5-3 yr olds) because we don't want the older classroom to be too boy heavy." And then she kept walking bc a new family needed to be let in for an interview. I called after to her to ask her if she thought dd was mature enough to move (she JUST turned 2.5) and director called back over her shoulder "absolutely".

I am just surprised at how upset I was about this encounter and I'm trying to figure out why it bothered me so much. I agree DD is advanced for age and am not completely against bumping her up to the next classroom, but part of me wants to keep her in the lower ratio classroom bc it seems "safe"?

I'm trying figure out if I'm misplacing feelings on to the director bc she was brisk about the announcement. I'm trying to see it from her perspective (had an interview/wanted to give me a heads up), but from my perspective I worry dd may be pushed into next classroom for $$/enrollment issues. The younger classroom is about $350 extra a month, but I'm happy to pay it. The younger slots are more "coveted" and wait list is long. There are several older kids than my dd and I am wondering why my dd is being pushed and not the others? Is it normal for parents to get emotional when their kids change classrooms? Am I over-reacting? I appreciate any insight/advice you may have- thanks I'm wondering what I would even say to her, or even why I would? It just seems so abrupt, kwim?

I may also be a bit gunshy bc my ds (not advanced at all-in fact just the opposite) started in the older classroom and was the youngest for 6 months and we had several minor behavioral issues bc of his lack of maturity.
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