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Wow tough question. I have never worked in a center so I have no real answers. Is this a big center? Is it one of the big chains? If it is, I would be worried that it is for money. There are good centers, but from what I have heard, the big ones get a lot of pressure to keep the money moving. If I thought it was that, I would be upset. Is your DD advanced? If she moves up will she be able to keep up with what they are doing in there?
The center is small (~60 total) and overall a lovely's small (1:5 ratio in younger classrooms and 1:12 in older classroom). It isn't a chain but is an accredited montessori so they do push the large age spans in the classroom. I do think part of it is $$$ based, and I understand they have to run a business.

I suppose everyone thinks their child is advanced, lol so for what it's worth, I do think DD is advanced in many areas (speech/social skills), but she is maybe a bit behind in gross motor (trips or falls At least once a day). She is very easy going, but she still has the odd toddler tantrum. I do worry about her being able to keep up at recesses/dance/sport time with the older kids....she is also extremely small for her age and I do worry about that aspect (maybe now I am being overprotective?)
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