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Originally Posted by cheerfuldom View Post
I would talk to the director about either keeping her there OR moving her up on a trial basis (a couple weeks). I understand that they are wanting enrollment and whatnot but you are paying a high price for good care and good ratio. You should be getting that especially since they split the classes at 3 years old. You signed on with the assumption that your daughter would be in a certain class, you already had a bad experience with moving up too soon, and you were also given an abrupt announcement about the move with no appropriate meeting or discussion. I think you are well within your right to put a halt on this if they arent willing to do a trial period. The last thing you want is to push your child too fast too soon and then be stuck with no other option because the toddler slot was already filled.
Maybe the director was hurried getting back from vacation feeling the need to catch up? Maybe the director has an open enough relationship with you to comfortably pass important information over her shoulder to you?
Whatever the reason, this still needs to be discussed in a meeting so everybody is clear and comfortable (especially you and your daughter), and in agreement.
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