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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
It just seems really unfair, where I work we OPEN every day except Christmas, then daycare close so not only is the parent working, they pay for the daycare to close AND for additional childcare, how is that fair??? And yes we ALL know you are "business owners" no need to come rushing in to deliver that lecture, folks!!!
Life is unfair.
Most adults realize this. It's pretty clear when a baseball or football players make *millions* for tossing a ball around and our military and First Responders make peanuts. Or how CEO's make billions and their employees are on food stamps (I'm looking at you, Walmart) So yeah, life is unfair.

That said, when I was working in a job that was highly family unfriendly, I put in notice and found other employment that worked better for my family. I didn't blame anyone else. I didn't cry about life being unfair. I took personal responsibility for my situation and made the necessary changes.

If you can't find other employment (or don't want to) there must be day care centers that are open most days of the year. Here the centers only take major holidays, which would leave 5 days out of the entire year you would have to make other arrangements.
For those few days you could always split your paid personal days with your spouse, so then you're down to 2 days out of the year you personally need to take off. Or maybe Grandma or Grandpa is retired and would like to spend the day with the grandchild, etc.

Let this be the year we problem SOLVE instead of complaining.
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