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Josiegirl 11:15 AM 05-24-2018
I always learn many interesting things when this woman visits. She said the state of Vt. is currently going after providers who are illegally providing care. There are 3 cases right now that are going to court. She knows many providers who are flying under the radar and has been turning them in. We started talking about infants and toddlers; she's been to 1 provider's house that is way over numbers with little ones. She reported her. She doesn't feel it's right that people are operating illegally, making as much if not way more, than providers who are jumping through hoops for the state. Families are turning a blind eye and some are also paying more than what the average in-home provider charges.
I came out and admitted to her the thought has crossed my mind more than once to do that, but getting caught scares me and if something were to happen, terrifies me of the consequences. It wouldn't be worth it.