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mamamanda 05:03 AM 05-25-2018
Originally Posted by Josiegirl:
I would do that in a heartbeat, to have 5 dcks, operate legally and not have to be licensed. This summer I'll only have 4 dcks. The care wouldn't be any different(maybe less paperwork!) if I became unlicensed. I've been doing this so long it's become ingrained in me. In fact, before all our state's new regs. came into effect, I spent way more time with the dcks than I do now.
In our state, you can have 2 families but any more than that and you have to be registered. So if each family had 3 kids, you can still stay unlicensed.....? It's doesn't make sense. But then when one deals with the state, one deals with senseless stuff.
Yes, many of their regs don't make sense to me. Who comes up with the rules anyway? Rules are rules though & I don't understand how so many providers are ok with risking so much for a little money. I had a friend who needed care a few years ago b/c she was having a baby & wanted to leave her kids here while she went to the hospital since their closest family is several hours away. At the time I had 2 kids of my own & 5 full time dcks. I explained to her that if I kept her kids, even for a few hours as she kept insisting, I would be operating illegally. Her come back was that it would only be for a day or two & my families love me so no one would turn me in.

I told her flat out no. Risking my business is not worth her convenience for a day. But then I understood how some providers might allow themselves to be guilted into more kids than legally allowed thinking they won't be reported.

Of course there are also those who just don't care & want a quick buck. I am glad most states go after them.