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mamamanda 08:14 AM 05-26-2018
Originally Posted by TheMisplacedMidwestMom:
Our laws here are similar, only we're limited to 4. Anytime I've talked to our resource center they have not been at all friendly, unless I'm asking questions about getting licensed. I asked about getting on the referral list once and was laughed at. They are not there for "people who just want to babysit a few kids".
That's so sad to me. They should be there to help quality providers, licensed or not. Ours here in my area knows I have no intention of becoming licensed primarily b/c I know myself well enough to know I wouldn't enjoy my day with a larger group like that. They are always helpful & friendly, helped me figure out how to set my rates, very encouraging, & call to check in & see if I'm interested in additional resources or classes about twice a year. I can't speak highly enough of our resource center. Makes me sad they're not all like that.