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LysesKids 08:45 AM 05-30-2018
Originally Posted by Annalee:
It is 4 here with no license but they are cracking down on it....effective in the fall there will be hoops for them to go through if they receive federal funds of any program or subsidy care... Right now it is 4 unrelated and innumerable related but that number will have a low cap this Fall.
There are already hoops to jump thru for FP, taking Fosters and Subsidy, they are just adding more... they are having issues with the subsidy revamp at the moment, its why I won't take it.

Because I have taken Foster kids as Drop-ins, I had to go thru licensing procedure already including background. I just don't have the Full license because my Manufactured home is a single wide instead of double; Blount Co even approved me as a home business when I first moved here and because I do under 24 months only, a full license still wouldn't let me take more than 4 babes