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Default Drop Off's Always Different, Sometime Doesn't Show At All W/Out Letting Me Know

I have a dck that is always showing up at different times. I'm a family child care provider and I feel it's very difficult to plan or just to simply be ready for the day for this family. Their agreement says one thing and their times are totally different. During the school year it's not such a big issue because I have earlier kids that arrive way before. This summer it has been somewhat of an issue. I asked the childs parents in the beginning of the summer if they have a better idea of what time you will drop off dck, mother told me around 745, maybe has been dropped off a hand full of times around that time. It's usually between 9-10, and that's on the days the child is dropped off. My other dck doesn't get here until around 1120 and those are the child's contracted hours, so I have no problem with that, and they let me know at least the day before if it will be earlier. I only do full time, so therefore each child that is enrolled pay for full time. I have run into a couple if instances where I needed to bring in an alternate and therefor needed to know what time the child would be coming if if dck would be coming at all. I was told dck will be coming a this time, so i bring in an alternate and they don't show at all that day without even a call/text saying so. Luckily my other dck got here at their normal time, but still the alternate is here waiting. My hours are from 6-6 and the family can choose what 10 hours to fill in on their agreement. I'm not picky on late pick ups as long as it doesn't get abused and I haven't enforced the hours on the agreement because it has never been an issue in the past. As long as they weren't left here from 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening. This particular family hasn't really followed their times at all. I have small children of my own. So I feel it somewhat necessary to know when my first dck will be arriving for the day, so everything/everyone is ready. I have mentioned to the parents a couple times..." so and so will be my first kiddo to tomorrow so do you know what time you will drop off?" they usually tell me a time but it's usually not the time they mention.

Am I overreacting? I don't really how to explain to the parents why it's important that I
know what's going on or should I even need to know? Maybe more of a courtesy thing.I really care for this family and want it to come across the RIGHT way. Any advice is
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