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I am charging in the middle of what other providers around me are charging and way lower than centers are charging, but in homes here can't compete with the rates of centers. My rates are competitive for this area and I think that charging more will deter families and doesn't make "business" sense, but charging less is an insult. I have an associates degree and years and years of experience and I won't settle for charging for any less, even if that means it will take a while to gain families. I am comfortable and can personally be happy with my rates. Fortunately though, my husband is supportive of what I'm doing and agrees with me, plus we can afford to wait for the right families to come along. I don't offer a sibling discount and only offer a full time or a daily part time rate. I have read and gotten a lot of advice from many wonderful people on here and one thing I have learned is to not settle for any less than what you believe!
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