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Originally Posted by Reimel61 View Post
Need some advice. Been in daycare for going on 16 years. Over the years I have gradually increased my rates. When I first started doing daycare my rates were pretty low for the area. Last year I started with a family and charged still what I would consider low for an infant slot (about $20 below the average) but still the highest I ever charged for an infant. Now Iím having a hard time filling my current openings and am considering lowering my rates. Is it legal to be charging one family one rate and another family a different rate? I know on occasion Iíve given sibling discount and that could explain the different rates charge to different families. Would I have to reduce every oneís rate? Thanks
Contracts are private. The only way you could get in trouble is if you accept subsidy and there is a clause in your subsidy contract requiring you charge everyone the same.
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