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Default Children's Books

Do you keep track of your children books? I have a list I've typed up in a spreadsheet that has 1. Title of the Book 2. Author(s) 3. Copyright Date 4. ISBN and 5. Style (Hardcover, Pop Up, Cardboard, etc)

I was wondering if I'm wasting my time by keeping my list? I mainly use it to look for more books at thrift shops and rummages sales so I don't get duplicates. I only buy books that look brand-new, so I am always flipping page by page to make sure their is no writing on them, that the binding is good, that it wasn't a pre-mailed book with a mailing label on the back, etc. Most of my books cost less than .50 each, so I'm very happy with the great deals! So far I have around 50 books and plan on rotating them.

How many books do you have out at one time? Do you rotate them monthly and only bring out season books during the season? I have about 5 Christmas books which brings up that question.
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